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on-chain generative artworks derive their unique features from a deconstruction of a transacation hash (a base58 string which serves as a receipt on the blockchain). works in the GENERATIVE series are real-time HTML/javascript based procedural animations that use the hash to generate chaos and entropy at different scales, making every minted instance unique. they are available on fxhash and as non-fungible tokens.

LOOPERS real-time on-chain painting

these digital paintings are made with custom software made using the Processing/p5js coding environment and GLSL shaders. the code is about 60% my own and 40% fragments that I’ve pieced together from examples, forums, and other open-source resources (credit is given in the scripts). each painting in the SCREENSPACE series is a fragment recorded frame-by-frame from a real-time painting session and is named after the software that was used to produce it. some are available as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on different platforms. collectors can contact me directly for commissions and I’m always open to collaborations. see the print shop for limited edition physical artifacts.

works on Hic et Nunc:
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CUTOUTS - 210915-01

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