galo cañizares

—is currently a 2018-19 Christos Yessios Visiting Professor at the Knowlton School of Architecture.

—is the author of Digital Fabrications: Designer Stories for a Software-Based Planet, a collection of essays on software and design.

—is currently researching the psychosocial effects of softwarization on design culture.

galo [dot] canizares [at] gmail [dot] com

—holds a Master of Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

—founded office ca, a research and design collaborative that investigates alternate methods for architectural practice. Some recurring themes of the practice include absurdity, genre fiction, conspiracy theories, world-making, storytelling, simulation, and most recently, the parafictional. Galo has lectured widely, and his writing has been published in academic journals and magazines, including CLOG, PLAT Journal, Log, Pool Magazine, Thresholds and many more. He lives in Columbus, OH.